Cold Pressed Crabwood Oil

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The Carapa guianensis tree grows to a maximum height of 40m and is one of the largest trees to be found in the Amazon forest, The trees produce fragrant flowers and a large nut, where the crabwood Oil is located. crabwood oil is sourced from sustainable sources within the Amazon & African regions.

The oil naturally contains high levels of a broad range of essential fatty acids which make up nearly 65% of the oils composition. Other actives include a group of plant chemicals called limonoids, the most studied of which is andirobin.

The limonoids contained in the Andiroba oil gives this oils its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.The peoples/tribes in the Amazon and in Africa have used Crabwood in many ways for centuries!


  • Heal's improve rash, skin fungi, and other skin problems.
  • The andiroba oil has also been traditionally used by Brazilians for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Andiroba oil accelerates healing of skin damage by providing myristic acid, one of the chemical building blocks of an enzyme that links together the proteins that form the skins protective outer layer
  • Improves Circulation of the skin
  • Used as a natural insect repellent


  • Andriboa Oil


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