Cold pressed Senegalese Moringa Oil [Oleifera]

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Direct from Senegal comes Slice of Nature Moringa Oil, a lightweight, luxurious skin and hair care oil that treats you to all of the benefits that have made the seeds of the moringa oleifera tree one of Africa's most trusted beauty secrets. Raw, unfiltered and completely free of additives, our moringa is packaged fresh in amber glass, so it arrives to you potent and ready to be an effective hair and skin treatment.

Slice of Nature is truly the most potent and purest moringa seed oil that you'll find, making it capable of delivering a maximum dose of the nutrients found in African moringa seeds. Our all-natural moringa oil can benefit your appearance in so many ways


  • Moringa oil has natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which have been used to improve: minor skin abrasions; minor cuts and scrapes; bruises, burns, insect bites, rashes, sunburn and skin infections.
  • Anti-aging properties: Rejuvenates dull, tired and aging skin.
  • Antioxidants and nutrients help fight free radical damage that can lead to the formation of wrinkles.


  • Senegalese Moringa Oil


    • 1Pc x  0.5-oz. bottle


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    • Caution: Allergy to Nuts, Do Not Use. External Use only

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