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Every day we are working to bring you the very best Natural Shea Butter products that contain no synthetic preservatives, GMOs, chemicals, detergents, animal fats or petroleum! We make and provide products that are safe and healthy for you, your family and the World around you!

Why Shea Butter is the Best Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Raw African Shea butter is a botanical anti-aging balm that also works as a natural and very gentle anti-inflammatory for those times when your skin, muscles or joints need a little extra love. It is the essence of functional and multidimensional, offering up a virtual one fits all approach that actually works. Protect your skin and lose the stiffness-causing, wrinkle-making and achy muscle-creating effects of inflammation with Shea butter.

Cold pressed Oil

Our Oils are extracted from seed and nuts that grow natural.

Our Oils are cold pressed: Cold pressed oils retain their aroma, all benefits nutrients, and these oils are better choices than refined oil

Our Shea Butter are freshly made from West Africa

How to determine the Quality of Shea Butter?

Pure raw unrefined shea butter can be ivory, beige, or yellow depending on the region of Africa where the trees are grown. On the other end of the spectrum, the darker yellow butter may actually be African butter that is being sold as shea butter. African butter has a deep yellow hue and has many of the same qualities as shea, but with fewer therapeutic benefits.

Many cosmetic companies tout their creams and lotions as shea butter products, but when you look at the label you will see shea listed as just one of many ingredients—and often not the main ingredient.

The bottom line—if it’s too white or too yellow it may not be the pure unrefined shea butter you think you’re purchasing. If a product claims to be shea based, check the label to be sure you’re getting the real thing. Our favorite is pure unrefined ivory shea butter. That’s what we use here at the Original Shea Butter House.

Our soaps: All natural soaps contain no chemicals, no fragrance – Very safe for your skin and moisturizing

Pure Ivory Shea Butter – 100% Unrefined;

The name Karité means the Tree of Lifefruits of the Karité tree are extremely high in Vitamins A, E and F, and are used to create shea butter. Shea Butter provides skin & hair with the essential elements needed for good balance, elasticity and tone.

We source all of our raw material from West Africa to ensure the highest quality standards as we craft the products in-store to give customers the most pure form of Shea.

In its unrefined raw state, shea butter provides numerous benefits and is being used in a wide range of applications.

I Love using the shea butter for my hair & my Skin, it makes my skin so smooth.

Jacob T. (@tetley._.jacob)

I use lemongrass cream everyday, I really love everything in your store. Your customer service was top.

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I love original shea butter products. I've been coming here for 6 months and I'm addicted! Y'all are Amazing!!!

Jasmin Ivy

I absolutely love the products, as they are truly raw and organic. The raw black soap has given my skin a glow. I will definitely be back for more.

S Michell James