Cold Pressed Argan Oil

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Our Organic Argan Oil is rich in antioxidants and omega 6 fatty acids, and it is believed to contain saponins and twice as much vitamin E as Olive Oil. This oil supports the hydration of the skin and helps to soften it, thereby minimizing the appearance of fine lines .Argan Oil improves the level of skin moisture, decreases the visibility of fine lines as it improves elasticity and helps skin to regenerate.

 Your purchase of this product helps to support village farmers


  • Anti -aging Oil
  • Excellent Natural Remedy for Hair Growth & Damage Repair
  • Add a natural looking shine & silkiness to your Hair
  • Calming effect on your scalp, Smooth, Silky & Healthy Hair
  • Helps washing chemicals off your hair


  • Organic Argan Oil


    • 1Pc x  Argan Oil bottle


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