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Mineral-rich salt from the Dead Sea (in Isreal) is known for its therapeutic benefits. Dead Sea salt has been used in skin creams and soaps since ancient times, and is believed to help relieve many types of arthritis (when soaking in it), allergies, common skin ailments, and detoxifying skin. Some even use it to reduce skin aging and wrinkles.The fresh coastal scent of our Dead Sea Salt Soap is unique in our collection. 


  • REPLENISHES AND NOURISHES SKIN – Contains special ingredients replenish and nourish your skin.
  • This soaps relax your entire body
  • Relief muscle pain 


  • saponified oils of soy
  • palm, olive and coconut;
  • Shea butter,  oils, mica powder,
  • Dead Sea Salt (from Israel),
  • vitamin E


  • 1Pc x  6.0-oz. 


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  • Allergy to nuts, External Use Only


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