Cold Pressed Hibiscus Oil

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Our Senegalese Hibiscus Oil It is the pure fixed oil pressed manually from the flower seeds. This produces medium weight oil that sinks into the skin as it feeds and protects it. Senegalese Hibiscus Oil improves the level of skin moisture, decreases the visibility of fine lines as it improves elasticity and helps skin to regenerate.

The flowers of the hibiscus plant have long been used to treat scalp conditions such as dandruff. The essential oil is derived from these flowers and may be used alone or added to hair care products such as shampoos or conditioners in order to improve the overall health of the hair.

The seeds for our Senegalese Hibiscus Oil is produced by village farms. These farmers grow their hibiscus for tea as well and then sell the seeds to the mill which presses our premium Senegalese Hibiscus Oil. Your purchase of this product helps to support village farmers



  • Paraffin Free & 100% Natural Hair Oil
  • Excellent Natural Remedy for Hair Growth & Damage Repair
  • Add a natural looking shine & silkiness to your Hair
  • Calming effect on your scalp, Smooth, Silky & Healthy Hair
  • Helps washing chemicals off your hair


  • Hibiscus Plant Oil


    • 1Pc x  Hibiscus Oil bottle


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