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Black Soap Helps to remove scars caused by acne. Since acne is not caused by dirt, but due to the release of excessive oils within the skin, the soap cannot remove acne. But the use of African black soap helps to remove scars caused by acne.

Helps to remove skin irritations. Use of black soap helps to remove skin irritations like rashes. Suitable for all skin types. Black soap can be used for the treatment of problems on all types of skin including the dry and rough, oily and moderate skins.

Beneficial for skin diseases. Black soap is very beneficial for reducing the discomforts that are associated with skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema Delays aging on the skin. Regular use of black soap helps to remove facial lines that are mostly early signs of aging. Thus black soap can be used to delay aging of the skin.


  • Special Made By Original Shea Butter House using Natural Ingredients
  • Botanic Hearth African Black Soap; all natural, sulfates free, parabens free, no fragrances or synthetic chemicals, Product of Ghana
  • Black soap contains plantain extract which has antibacterial properties that may reduce help reduce the appearance of acne scars and breakouts
  • SAFETY WARNING: For external use only. Rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use. Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children.
  • Cleanses gently, ideal for people with rosacea, rashes, dryness and other skin conditions


  • Black Soap
  • Argan Oil
  • Tea Tree
  • Hemp Oil
  • Alkaline Water


  • 1Pc x  8.0-oz. bottle


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