Shea Moringa Cream

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Just When You Believed Skin Care Couldn´t Get Any Better... Introducing Moringa Energy Anti Aging Cream.

What´s the secret? The Moringa Anti Aging Cream is deeply refreshing and protective for your face and neck, providing rich moisturizing benefits for your skin in a smooth light green cream with all the essential nutrients in Moringa Oleifera for soothing moisture, health and healing properties.

This Moringa Cream provides simple, holistic anti-aging benefits you'll have to see to believe, with deep healing and nourishing properties for your face and neck. Antioxidants and nutrients help fight free radical damage that can cause skin tissue damage and lead to the formation of wrinkles.


  • Softens and moisturizes skin
  • Provides anti-aging benefits
  • Helps protect skin
  • Rich, natural scent
  • With essential oils
  • Provides healing nutrients


  • Shea Moringa Cream


  • 1Pc x 4.0-oz. jar


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  • Caution: Allergy to Nuts, Do Not Use. External Use Only